Our Story

Quality, design & flavor.

Founded in 2023, The Healed Hoodlum will to take you on a journey of healing. From the grips of ratchetness to the throws of righteousness, here we are realist. We show that one can exist in two spaces, because...

As a person we don't always get it right the first time or the second.

We can #Heal and be #Hoodlum

We are not Monolithic

Everyone heals differently. Everyone needs different tools along their journey. Here we hope to create a #safespace and motivate you along your journey. We aim to show you that it's ok to be in the #mud, and that we #sit with you!


The Healed Hoodlum  / CEO

Healing is a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION!

Through our story we hope to ignite a fire within all we come in contact with. Healing can be grueling and overwhelming, and we are here to encourage and incite a will to keep you moving foward. Through our apparel and things we have to yet to release, we look to make the healing journey fun and stylish as well as accomplished and informative.

1. Family First

2. Do The Work

3. Live Like There is no Tomorrow


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